‘OUR JOURNEY’ of building LINKd

Our aim was to ‘link’ the positive aspects of our various skills and knowledge and create a comprehensive approach to delivering the maximal benefit for ALL of our diverse and unique clients. LINKd is a Movement Method incorporating Manual Techniques that integrates complimentary and multi-disciplinary practices and philosophies to help all our clients move through restriction and pain, integrate functional movement patterns into their day to day activities, and cultivate a greater quality of life.

LINKd aspires to foster pain-free, functional, and integrated movement that is fun and enjoyable, giving the sense of ‘play’ versus ‘work out’. Our customized and versatile equipment (do you want to name or say anything about the equipment used) provides exceptional Movement experiences and diverse opportunities for assisted Manual techniques to help our clients reach their goals.

This course is designed for anyone who works with clients, regardless of their background. Our aim is to equip anyone who has the passion and drive to give ‘something more’ to the client.