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The 7 Principle

There are 7 Principles that guide the LINKd Method: Awareness, Intention, Tensegrity, Rhythm, Mastery of Movement, Facilitate and Inhibit, and Traction and Compression. The Principles are initially presented with a specific movement exploration exercise designed for each principle, and are then collectively incorporated into simple and complex functional movement patterns using the Virtue Pulley Tower

Exploring movement strategies using the 7 Principles can help identify and correct faulty and sub-optimal movement patterns that restrict mobility and function and often result in pain. The LINKd Method movement explorations and exercises help train the brain, muscles and fascia to maintain efficient postures and to develop pain-free, efficient and functional multi-plane movement strategies and patterns.

Virtue Pulley Tower

The Virtue Pulley Tower (VPT), has limitless opportunities for guided and independent movement experiences and manual therapy interventions, regardless of age, physique, or fitness level. LINKd stimulates kinesthetic awareness by providing the body and nervous system with positive sensory input through dynamic movement experiences that are pain-free, functional, integrated, fluid, rhythmic, and also playful. Varied full body three-dimensional movement and hands-on bodywork help hydrate and improve the elasticity of the fascia, muscles and joints. The LINKd Virtue Pulley Tower offers versatility of body position, strap placement, angle and strength of the pulley ropes allowing for endless opportunities to enhance kinesthetic awareness, strength, flexibility, and movement quality. The LINKd Method provides fun and pleasurable movement experiences that will optimize function, performance, and quality of life. 

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