LINKd Principles

  • Principle

    Awareness is gained through attention- focused, functional, and integrated awareness of our physical, emotional, and kinesthetic senses. LINKed aims to foster Awareness of the body before, during, and after movement through the kinesthetic senses by providing the body with positive sensory input through movement experiences that are functional, integrated, fluid, and also fun!
  • Principle

    Intention, a pre-determination to act or move in a particular way to reach a desired destination. There is no right or wrong intention. The emphasis is on maintaining awareness of the Intention throughout the entire movement sequence fostering movement that is meaningful and organized.
  • Principle

    Tensegrity, a combination of tension and integrity. Tension increases as myofascial tissues lengthen. We explore ways that expanding and increasing tension, channeling energy internally to externally, can be used to generate greater stability and movement control, help maintain open space and prevent collapsing, and enhance ability to move into larger ranges of motion.
  • Principle

    Rhythm promotes healthy connective tissue by enhancing tissue hydration and elasticity. Stimulation for rhythmic movement can be internal, such as a heart beat, or external, such a music, manually using hands or Virtue Pulley Tower and straps.
  • Principle

    Mastery of Movement is the ability to reverse or change movement direction and cadence at any given time with fluidity and control. The LINKd Method offers ample opportunities to develop the control and dynamic stabilization required to perform fluid and graceful movement patterns and transitions.
  • Principle

    Facilitate and Inhibit. We facilitate muscle activity to promote pain-free, efficient, functional movement. We Inhibit extraneous muscle activity caused by faulty or compensatory movement strategies that create unnecessary stress and tension and result in inefficient, rigid, limited and painful movement patterns.
  • Principle

    Traction and Compression, good for everyone, but knowing when and how to apply is key. Traction helps increase joint space and relaxation; Traction with movement also promotes tissue extensibility and joint mobility. Compression enhances proprioceptive input and kinesthetic awareness; Compression with movement also promotes strength, joint health, and stability.

Virtue Pulley Tower

Our customized and versatile equipment provides exceptional Movement Explorations, as well as diverse opportunities to provide manual and therapeutic interventions to help clients achieve Movement Beyond Barriers.